Extensive Professional Training in Sandplay Therapy

I received professional sandplay training from. Dr. Barbara Turner, PhD, RPT-S, ISST/STA CST-T. Dr Turner studied Jungian sandplay therapy with the founder of the method, Dora M. Kalff. Dr. Turner is the author of the authoritative text on Jungian sandplay, The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy and teaches to clinicians through the Temenos Press Learning Center and around the world.

By completing Introductions and Foundations of Sandplay Therapy and Advanced Training in Sandplay Therapy with Dr. Barbara Turner, PhD, RPT-S, ISST/STA CST-T, I have met all educational training requirements for application to become a certified sandplay therapist. (

Sand Play Therapy:

In sand play therapies, the clients place miniature objects that represent the emotive world into a sand tray that holds the visual field. The client has the opportunity to see what has been hidden from consciousness, which is often unclear or too hard to bear.

Using sand play therapy allows clients to integrate and synthesize conflicting feelings and experiences while releasing painful emotions. The conscious and unconscious mind holds together many associations of personal meaning. Dreams, experiences, and memories, both unconscious and unconscious naturally move towards integration within the psyche.

The symbols that are chosen often represent deep-seated conflicts yearning to find their release to reach psychic balance. The images in the sand tray combine to awaken potent insights and produce freedom from emotional repression in a secure therapeutic environment. Symbols can express the ambiguous, confusing, contradictory, and paradoxical elements in the underlying currents of living.

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